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Coaching Credited in Historic $18 Million Poker Win

On July 3, 2012, 33 year old professional poker player Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari, with a previous World Series of Poker gold bracelet and two World Poker Tour titles credited his life coach for his win in the historic $1,000,000 buy-in tournament.


Book Pre-Order

Daniel L. Cox’s forth-coming book, “Mastering Mental Mindsets: Poker Doesn’t Have to Be a Gamble” is scheduled for a June 2016 launch.

Dan uses advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, sports psychology and other scientific techniques to help experienced poker players control and revise the habits that negatively impact their play. By showing players how to change their behavior and keep their cool, they improve their game, their bankroll and potentially their lives.

. The book is scheduled to launch in Mid-2013. Pre-order now for $14.95, instead of the list price of $18.95.

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