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Noetic (Adj) \nō-'et-ik

The ancient Greek words noētikos and nous are the roots of noetic. Though there is no English equivalent for nous, the common translations are "intellect," "ways of knowing" and "characteristic of the human mind."

Noetic refers to "inner knowing," a kind of intuitive consciousness or direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason.

Our Distinctive Approach

Noetic Coaching is a full-service practice offering business, entrepreneur, leadership and lifestyle coaching for small and medium sized businesses. Noetic Coaching is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy or counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal or business projects and successes, conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, not in the past. We help you discover the obstacles or challenges affecting you and help you determine a course of action that makes your life what you know it can be.

Mission Statement

At Noetic Coaching, we use an interactive process to help individuals and organizations improve their performance, allowing them to achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.


“Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive, who is Youer than You.”

- Dr. Seuss


Daniel L. ‘Doc’ Cox, Ph.D., M.Sc., B.A., CHT PNLP

Dan’s Bachelor of Arts degree from Claremont Men’s College was a Dual degree, in which he completed the course requirements for both an Economics and Literature degree, but only completed a Senior Thesis only in Literature. His Thesis “Diary in Gray” was a nearly 200 page fictionalized, autobiographical Novella about the experiences of a West Point Plebe during his first year at the Military Academy, and his ultimate decision to transfer to another school for the remainder of his undergraduate education at better academic institution. The names were changed to protect the guilty, as well as the innocent.

The Master of Science in Management of Technology program at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, is designed as a Hi-Tech MBA program to allow scientists and engineers to transition into management positions within NASA, as well as developing the business acumen needed to launch technology start-ups in Huntsville’s competitive rocket and space industries.

Dan has an Honorus Causa Doctorate in Motivational Studies from LA DC and Institute in California. The use of life and work experience is often the greatest education a person can have. Non-traditional, online educational institutions allow students the opportunity to obtain advanced degrees when they may not have the time to obtain them at traditional schools. Dan received his Doctor of Philosophy In Sports Psychology from Fort Jones University in Stockton, California.  

Dan is also an ordained minister and wedding officiant through the multi-denominational Universal Life Church Monastery. The Universal Life Church Monastery also has also bestowed the titles of Jedi Knight and Wizard for the purposes of being an officiant at Medieval, Renaissance Faires and Disney themed, as well as Star Wars themed weddings.

He was certified through the Association for Integrative Psychology in Hawai’i as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quit Smoking Specialist  and Practitioner of NueroLinguistic Programming (NLP). Dan is also Certified as a Life Coach by Joe Vitale (of the Secret fame) through the Global Sciences Foundation.

As a U.S. Army Enlisted Soldier, Dan served as a Military Policeman and Dental Assistant. He was commissioned in the Chemical Corps and served at Battalion, DIVARTY, Division and Major Command levels. He also was an Intelligence Officer and General Staff Officer in Korea. He had Functional Area Specialties as a Nuclear Weapons Officer and a Systems Automation Officer. He was awarded numerous medals, awards and citations, to include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal and the Army Achievement Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters.

Dan, was known as ‘Coach’ or ‘Doc’ to the athletes and coaches of the Las Vegas Showgirlz women’s tackle football team, where he was the team’s Sports Psychology Coach for two seasons. A Sports Psychology Coach, also known as a Peak Performance, Mental Toughness or Mental Preparedness Coach excels in enhancing the performances of elite athletes (including professional and top amateur poker players) as well as entertainers (actors, musicians and singers). By using an interactive coaching process centered on self-hypnosis and other individualized techniques for the mastering of mental mindsets, he helps these individuals achieve mental toughness and realize extraordinary results.

As a peak performance couch Dan helps professional poker players, athletes and entertainers increase their confidence, abolish limiting beliefs and enhance their performance by instilling in them the ability to manage their unconscious minds, take stronger personal actions and make superior decisions to more fully utilize their natural strengths and abilities.

In 2009 Dan published Winning Blue-Collar Hold’em, a book on limit and no limit poker for low-stakes players. He is working on a revision of this book now, to update it based on the changes that have occurred in betting and hand selection in the last few years. He is also working on the Mastering Mental Mindsets series of books for poker players, athletes and business leaders which uses NLP constructs, clinical hypnotherapy techniques and lifestyle coaching methodologies to identify and change the mindsets and habits that negatively impact there games and their lives.

Contact Dan to set up a free consultation by phone at 702.778.6463 or Dan@NoeticCoaching.net.


College of Executive Coaching
   - Training in Business, Leadership and
      Executive Coaching

Spencer Institute
   - In Training for Certification as a Sports
      Psychology Coach.
   - Certification as a Sports Hypnotist

Global Sciences Foundation
   - Certification as a Life Coach

Association for Integrative Psychology
   - Certification as a Practitioner of Neural
      Linguistic Programming
   - Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist
   - Certification as a Quit Smoking Specialist


In Memorium
Our Founder, Aleda Michels


Fort Jones University, Stockton, CA
   - Ph.D. In Sports Psychology

University of Alabama in Huntsville.
   - M. S. in Management of Technology
     (Hi-Tech MBA)

Golden Gate University in San Francisco
    - Study toward MBA

Claremont McKenna College
   - Dual B. A. in Literature and Economics

University of California at Los Angeles
   -  Studied Literature

United States Military Academy
   at West Point
   - Studied Engineering

“I learned there are troubles of more than one kind.

Some come from ahead, others come from behind.

But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready, you see.

Now my troubles are going to have trouble with me.“

 - Dr. Seuss